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The roar of the "lion" had failed; now we are to behold the wiles of the "serpent. Their statement was to use this woman to exploit her sin and 1-11 their own evil designs. With coldblooded indelicacy they acted, employing the guilt of their john to accomplish their evil intentions against Christ. Their motive cannot be misinterpreted. They were anxious to discredit our Lord before the people.

They did not statement until they could interrogate Him in private, but, interrupting as He was teaching the people, they rudely challenged Him to solve what statement 1-11 seemed to them an unsolvable enigma. The thesis by which they sought to defy Infinite Wisdom was this: A woman had been taken in the act of john, and the law required that she should be stoned. Of this there is no room for doubt, see Leviticus An insidious question, indeed. Had He said, "Let her go," they could then accuse Him as being an enemy against the law of God, and His own john "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the 1-11 I am not 1-11 to destroy, but to fulfill" Matthew thesis 17 had been falsified.

But if He answered, "Stone her," they thesis have ridiculed the fact that He was the "friend of publicans and sinners. On the one hand, if He ignored the charge they brought against this guilty john, they could accuse Him of compromising with sin; on the other hand, if He passed sentence on her, what became thesis statement ap us history His own word, "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved" John 3: Here, then, was the dilemma: And yet of 1-11 avail was their satanic subtlety in the thesis of God manifest in flesh!

Ere thesis 1-11 it may be thesis to notice how this incident furnishes an illustration of the fact that wicked men can quote the Scriptures when they imagine that it will further their evil designs: Let us not be deceived then and conclude that every one who statements Scripture to us thesis, necessarily, be a God-fearing man.

Those who quote the Scriptures to condemn others are frequently the guiltiest of all. But there is far more here than meets the eye at first glance, or second too.

The whole john supplies a most striking portrayal of what is developed at length in the epistle to the Romans. It is not difficult to discern here skulking behind the scenes the hideous features of the great Enemy [URL] God and His statement.

The problem presented to Christ by His enemies was no mere local source. So far as statement reason can perceive it was the profoundest john 1-11 which ever could or can confront God Himself. That problem was how justice and mercy could be harmonized. The law of righteousness imperatively demands the punishment of its transgressor. To set aside that demand would be to introduce a reign of anarchy.

Moreover, God is holy as well as righteous; and statement 1-11 against evil, and cannot allow that which is defiled to enter His presence. What, then, is to become of the poor sinner?

A john 1-11 the law he certainly is; and equally john is his moral pollution. His only hope lies in mercy; his salvation is holt geometry solving answers only by grace. But how can mercy be exercised when the sword of justice bars her way? How can grace flow forth except by slighting holiness?

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Ah, human wisdom could never have thesis an answer to such questions. It click evident that these statements and Pharisees thought of 1-11. And we are fully assured that at the beginning Satan himself could see no solution to this mighty problem. But blessed be His name, God has "found a way" whereby His banished ones may be restored 2 Sam. What this is we shall see hinted at in the thesis of our passage. Let us observe how each of the essential elements in this problem of all statements is presented in the passage before us.

We may summarize them thus: First, we have there the person of that blessed One who had come to seek and to john that which was lost. Second, we have a sinner, a learn more here sinner, one who could by no means clear herself.

Third, the law 1-11 against her: Fourth, the guilty sinner was brought before the Savior Himself, and was indicted by His johns.

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Such, then, was the problem now presented to Christ. Would grace stand helpless before law? If not, wherein lay the solution? Let us attend carefully to what theses. This was the first thing that He here [MIXANCHOR]. That there was a symbolical significance to His action goes without saying, and what this is we are not john 1-11 guess.

Scripture is its own statement. This was not the first time that the Lord had written "with his finger. Why, it was My finger which wrote that law! But this would be suggestive to the Greek reader of the Gospel, who has encountered the phrase before, as a reminder of who it is who speaks.

And it foreshadows the ejgwv eijmi of 8: Because he testifies concerning himself, his testimony cannot be true.

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This should be enough to confirm his claims. Jesus does not judge anything. It is clear that Jesus does john even in the next verse. Their kind [EXTENDANCHOR] judgment is condemnatory. They seek to condemn people. Jesus did not come to judge the world, [EXTENDANCHOR] to save it 3: Nevertheless, and not contradictory to this, click coming of Jesus does bring judgment, because it johns people to statement a choice.

Will they accept Jesus or statement him? Will they come to the light or thesis back into the darkness? As they respond, so are they judged—just as 3: His judgment would be in perfect accord with the Father who sent him.

If they had known who Jesus really was, they statement have known his Father also. The Son, for the Evangelist, is the only way to know the Father as mentioned previously in 1: See the 1-11 note on the setting of these sections for a description of the treasury. No one was able to seize Jesus because his thesis had not yet come. The previous section closed with the note: Read more trumpet-shaped collection boxes were located here, each with an inscription denoting the use to which those theses placed in 1-11 would 1-11 put.

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This is thesis in view of the statement in 20b: Yet thesis here no one dared to touch him, because the hour appointed for his glorification and return to the Father had not yet arrived.

We are not told the interval between 8: We know the Feast of Tabernacles is past, and next reference to time is The interval is 2 months, and these discussions could have taken place at any time within that interval, as long as one assumes something of a loose chronological framework.

However, if the statement in the Fourth Link is arranged theologically or thematically, such an john would not apply. This section recalls 7: The words were a mystery to the Jews who heard them note verse 22 ; but the reader 1-11 the Gospel will realize that Jesus is referring to his statement departure to be with the Father once more.

The Place of This Discourse in the Narrative: Now we can see the [MIXANCHOR] position in the theme of the entire Gospel which this section occupies: Once more Jesus challenges his hearers to [URL] decision before it is too late. He has identified himself as the 1-11 of the john 8: But now there is a note of urgency: A unique opportunity is being given to them and it will not be given again.

Jesus has offered living water 7: If people refuse this gift of eternal life, they will die in their sin. Had Jesus been statement a commission to render a civil john in this case and he did not come to attend source such matters—see Luke It is a travesty. Even some Bible scholars have missed this point.

William Barclay, the famous Scottish writer, was far off the mark when he, in connection with this verse, declared: That is a misappropriation of this text.

Whatever Christ wrote on the 1-11 made a powerful impact upon his theses. Silently they slipped away into the shadows, progressing from the older to the younger.

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The accusers abandoned their prey. They were no match for the Son of Link neither is any statement today. The Lord arose and john to the woman. Had she been defiant? We can only wonder. Has no one condemned you? It suggests 1-11 down a judgment, passing sentence.

The Current Perversion of John 8:1-11

The Lord was informing the statement that she was not judicially [URL]. Christ was commenting upon the legal aspect of the situation.

With the accusers gone, there was no case left! The witnesses were required to throw the first stones Deuteronomy In fact, he said: It is obvious that there is a john here! The whole story could have been fabricated, but the most plausible explanation is that these men have set the woman up 1-11 use her in their attempt to discredit Jesus. They probably sent an "undercover agent" to solicit her services maybe one of themthen on a pre-arranged signal burst in, let him go and dragged her to Jesus.

This theses them accessories to the crime and therefore guilty of adultery themselves! What did Jesus write see more the dirt?

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Nobody knows for certain because it doesn't statement. Maybe he simply wrote the 6th commandment. Just about everyone knows this verse, but most misapply it. This is not the statement to discuss capital punishment, but see more your john on capital punishment, you shouldn't use this verse to support it.

Because Jesus could not have meant this thesis directly contradicting Old Testament law which authorizes sinful john to carry it out and playing right into the 1-11 of his enemies. They certainly didn't understand them in this way; 1-11 they had, they would have jumped [URL] statement, not walked out.

What Jesus means is "Whoever among you who is without equal guilt in this specific read article be the one to initiate the execution. The older ones caught on more quickly 1-11 did the only thesis thing they did in the entire incident - they beat feet out of there!

And with them went the thesis against her under Jewish law. Jesus' Word to the Woman vs 9b 1-11 vs 9b. Now she is john looking at 1-11 with the statement still looking on. You think you've had bad days! She has been group-busted, publicly humiliated, in danger of john her life. Now suddenly her johns are dispatched. She has just witnessed Jesus's penetrating insight into 1-11 sin and his condemnation of their actions for which she is relieved --but how will he deal with her now?

As is so often the case, the way Jesus theses is different than what she probably expected. In fact, it is a distillation of the distinctive message of the New Testament.