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five shared economy business ideas to use in your new project Entrepreneurship Shared economy trend, or peer-to peer commerce, started in by Airbnb, community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, disrupt old .

The Sharing Economy: A New Way of Doing Business

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Nightly Business Report: The sharing economy

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On a recent day, Airbnb listed just open positions worldwide, while Hilton had more than 10 times that number of jobs posted in just the U. Online reviews are at the heart of the sharing economy. Hotels have to maintain properties, clean rooms, take reservations and provide a host of other services.

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Car rental companies purchased large fleets of cars, which they rented out by the day very profitably. Using this model, a hospitality company places more emphasis on franchising and managing hotels, rather than being the direct owner of hotel properties.

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But the plan is that all that time the private automobile sits idle, economic value is going unrealized. Before there was a sharing economy, there was a rental industry, which created excess capacity at a scale that could be commercialized. Using this sharing, a hospitality company places more emphasis on franchising and economy hotels, rather than business the direct owner of paying essay markets properties.