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Thesis presentation agenda

The above layout was just one of the ways to list out your presentation agenda attractively. There are thousands of other ways you can re-design it. 71 thoughts on “How to Create a Fantastic PowerPoint Agenda Slide Template in 5 Steps [Presentation Hackathon 4]” Subscribe to Blog. Subscribe. Search Through Blogs. Search.

Thesis Presentation

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11:31 Gorn:
Rather than simply pasting the agenda as bullet points, we will place each agenda as tags on the slide. If you are presenting in a boardroom, the meeting table can be a good idea. Lastly, rotate three to the left so that you have all tags facing each other.

17:48 Zoloramar:
But first, insert a circle from the Shapes menu and place it on the rounded side of each rectangular tag.

20:34 Zulkijind:
Any text placed over it will have a heavy contrast but look jarring. You need not stress yourself out over the right visual since the image will be masked out and only used to set the tone for the presentation agenda.