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Nov 27,  · Free Essays on Cell Phones In Public Places. Search. Cell Phones. February, Bad Connections Christine Rosen argues in “Bad Connections” that the use of cell phones in public areas has created negative effects in the social sphere.

Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette

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130. Should cell phones be banned in all public places

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There are few differences between age groups or by race or ethnicity. Mobile phones nowadays come up with cameras and other services like Email, Entertainment and so on.

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Along with using a phone at a meeting or at a movie theater, this is one of the situations that the vast majority of Americans agree are off-limits to cellphone use.

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In summary, due to some benefits offered by the mobile phone usages in public places, it would be hard to ban its usages in public places. It bachelor thesis themen ifrs quite noticeable that these days, teenagers are taking pictures everywhere, at libraries, trains, buses, roads, hospitals etc which is a matter of annoyance.

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In general, younger age groups are more likely to view cellphone use in a variety of situations as generally acceptable, and men are more likely than women to say that phone use in almost all of these settings is OK. On the one hand, important messages need to be communicated to people even when they are in public places.